Search for approved NJ Training Providers

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How to Search for an Approved NJ Training Provider:

1.  Click this link:  Approved NJ Training Providers

2.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and:

  • Input your zip code in the appropriate field;  click the TAB key
  • Click on the drop down arrow key and highlight the amount of miles you are willing and able to travel to a training school; click the TAB key
  • Input a training program that interests you; click the TAB key
  • Click the drop down arrow key and highlight the option 'any of the words;' click Search

3.  Results of available APPROVED training schools will appear.  Research three DIFFERENT schools that interest you by clicking on the blue highlighted titles.  Click the blue program titles to access information located on the Program Description (Must be listed as "inDemand") and Provider Description

4.  Click the "Program Results" tab to view historical employment data for past participants in the same program.

5.  At the conclusion of your three school search, you will make a decision as to what school you wish to attend.  For the school you ultimately choose to attend, you are required to PRINT OUT the Program Description  and Provider Description screens.

The Department of Labor only funds vocational training programs for which they have determined that there is a local demand for that vocational skill so that you are MOST LIKELY to obtain employment after successfully completing the training program.  THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE!