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The Unemployed Persons Training Program / Tuition Waiver is available for use at all NJ Public Colleges and Universities.  The program allows NJ Public colleges to make seats in classes not filled by paying students available to the unemployed.

In order to be eligible to utilize the waiver you:

  • Must be unemployed or have received a layoff notice;
  • Must have a total of 2 years of full time employment in the labor force;
  • Must be registered with Workforce New Jersey

You can apply for the Tuition Waiver no sooner than 30 days prior to the last day of registration.

If you intend to utilize this program, you must apply for Federal Financial Aid.  You can do this at:

Many colleges will not accept the Tuition Waiver until they have determined your qualification for aid.  Any grants or scholarships you may qualify for will apply to your tuition by the college first and any remaining cost absorbed by the Tuition Waiver.  If you do not qualify for any "free money," (i.e. grants, scholarships, etc.) only loans, the Tuition Waiver will be used to cover your tuition.  The Tuition Waiver covers only tuition, not books and fees.  However, each institution establishes its own policies regarding fees;  you must find out from the institution how this is handled.  Colleges accept students on a space available basis.  After all paying students enroll, Tuition Waiver students may be accepted.  Students utilizing the Tuition Waiver must wait until the last day of registration to register for classes.  The Financial Aid office at the college can explain the various types of financial aid.

For those seeking enrollment in Community Colleges, you must first apply to the college for the county in which you live.  If the course is not offered at your local college, you may then apply at another community college.

If you are receiving Unemployment Benefits, you MUST notify your local Unemployment Office that you will be attending school using the Tuition Waiver.  You will have to answer questions about your school attendance and availability for work.  This will not automatically exempt you from the Work Search Requirement.  Failure to contact the Unemployment Office may jeopardize your benefits.